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Board-Certified: Vascular Surgery, General Surgery

Diplomate: Phlebology (Vein Disorders)

Fellow: American College of Surgeons




" I knew that I wanted to be a doctor early on in my life. Isaw that my grandfather, a physician, had a lot of satisfaction in his work, that he was fulfilled by helping make a difference in people's lives. I learned from his example to do what I love ... and to pursue it with total commitment.

"I've been interested in and involved in phlebology (vein care) since it first began to emerge as its own medical discipline. I got involved early-on because I wanted to learn more about venous disease and be able to do more for patients with venous disease. And I've been dedicated to leading-edge vein care ever since.

"I am committed to excellence for one simple reason: compassion. I put my heart not just into offering the most advanced treatments but also - and just as importantly - into how you're cared for. Everything I do is personolized to you... and born of genuine compassion for your well-being. While state-of-art care is essential, it is no more important than the total heart and commitment of the specialist providing it."


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Treatment Options
Treatment Options